Gassed again

It’s one of those necessary rituals that accompanies our glamping life. Like dumping waste water, maintaining the chassis and staying on top of the coach’s myriad systems, every now and then we need to replenish the supply of propane fueling Ernie’s furnaces and several other functions.

That’s neither difficult nor inconvenient when we’re on the road — we simply swing by a campground’s filling station on our way in or out. Since we’re planted here for the duration, however, it turns into a lot of work for a very short trip.

Outdoors this morning we uprooted our living space. Indoors we grabbed whatever was in the way (pretty much everything) and stowed it temporarily but securely. We moved the Silverado and the Wrangler to an adjacent campsite, disconnected utilities (water, sewer, electric and cable) and readied the bus for liftoff.

Candidly, two things concerned me, both related to the fact that the last time Ernie moved was five months ago. I was relieved when the big Cummins growled to life quickly, in quite undramatic fashion. Our favorite diesel fairly purred.

The other hurdle was pulling in the slides. Those mechanisms and motors had been idle since the first week of August, and yet all went smoothly.

Our journey to and from the propane station today — a brilliant January day, by the way, with temps in the mid-50s — was equally uneventful. Ernie took almost 29 gallons, a record for us, which meant that we had only a couple of gallons left. The fillup rang the cash register for $155.46 plus tax, in my opinion a genuine bargain in terms of efficiency.

This mid-winter refill also happened a week later than last year’s, despite the Arctic assault around Christmas. Only time and temperature will tell when we’ll have to do it all over again.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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