Oklahoma’s leftovers

One of Deb’s friends from neighboring Oklahoma reported this morning that 50 tornadoes strafed that state last night. Best I can tell, only seven have been confirmed so far, but that still makes this the most active February for tornadoes in state history.

The OKC suburb of Norman is said to have been hit especially hard.

Naturally, whenever “the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain” out there, sooner or later — usually Sooner, pardon the expression — we see it here in northern Arkansas. We were told that we’d be getting a derecho overnight, with straight-line winds gusting to 60mph and severe thunderstorms at the leading edge of the front.

It didn’t unfold as predicted. Deb and I didn’t get a lot of sleep, owing mostly to the threat, and we watched on weather radar as the angriest cells and strongest winds broke up over the northwest part of the state. It definitely got windy, and it’s windy here today, but other than some rain and a handful of respectable gusts it was nothing like we were expecting.

Our Monday is brilliant and pleasant.

I think I anticipated strong reactions to the last part of yesterday’s post. Based on what I’ve seen both publicly and privately, many readers approve of how I presented the subject. I’ll take that — it wasn’t easy, but I decided that it was important to put it out there.

The most striking commentary I’ve found on what Scott Adams said was in the form of a graphic. It cast Dilbert in the role of William Foster (played by actor Michael Douglas) as he appeared on the iconic poster for the movie “Falling Down.”

Coincidentally, that movie was released 30 years ago yesterday.

Deb and I, in need of sleep we missed last night, pushed back our trip to The Mountain by a day. I’ll close this post now with a few photos from the weekend.

More tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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