Tuesday on The Mountain

First, there’s big news on The Mountain: we have a septic tank. We got word yesterday that it was in place, and our first stop when we arrived this morning was the homesite to check it out — and there it was, in all its (not buried or connected) glory.

Even though it’s just a big concrete box sitting in a hole right now, this is another significant step for us. I’m betting that anyone who’s ever developed a site and built a house can relate to that.

In the grove of oaks and cedars beyond the tank, rough tracks for the leach field have been cleared. Trenching for the lines and laying them out may begin as early as tomorrow (weather permitting, of course).

We puttered ’round the homesite for a bit, then loaded the Ranger and hopped up to the summit to kick back and have lunch. Smudge had the time of her life. And honestly, so did we — temps pushing 80°F, sunshine, breezy, perfect.

Not pictured: ticks. Yes, in February. I came back with six, Deb eight and Smudge five. Just like last winter, we had to be reminded that the little buggers are active on warm days pretty much all year.

We had repellent with us — we just didn’t apply any. Next time we’ll take a damned bath in it.

Looks like we have one more good day this week before conditions unravel — meteorologists predict another severe-weather apocalypse for our Thursday, with lots of rain and the possibility of tornadoes in the region. Friday will be a repeat of last week, with temps in the mid-40s, and we’ll see a couple of overnight lows flirt with the freezing mark.

We’ll be back in the 60s and 70s by early next week. A week after that, snow showers are in the forecast.

This is how we get to spring in The Ozarks.

You’ve heard me say it: “No one is coming.” It’s a call to independence and self-reliance, a pointed reminder that when the worst happens, we can’t rely on anyone else to save our ass. We’re on our own — it’s up to us.

I’ll admit, however, that that’s not always true. It all depends on who you are and where you live, what you look like and who you voted for. The State and corporate interests are keeping score, make no mistake about that, and if you’re on the favored side of their ledgers you get the help you need, quickly.

If not, you’ll be ignored. Just ask the residents of East Palestine, Ohio.

I can’t help but draw parallels. That gritty Ohio community and our new Home — not just Yellville, but Marion County and the whole of north-central Arkansas — have a lot in common.

Flag-wavers, rural and traditionally American. Predominantly white. Baptist churches and Dollar Generals. Not a vegan café or a gay bar within a hundred miles. Feed mills and dusty pickups. BBQ, hard work and deer rifles.

Folks have a low tolerance for government regulations, laziness and political correctness. But every shopkeeper, even the teenager at the drive-thru, says, “Have a blessed day” — and they actually mean it.

Trump, twice, overwhelmingly. And now a governor named Sarah.

So no, no one’s coming. We don’t suit those in power. We don’t serve the ends they serve. They don’t share the values held by People who inhabit The Real America.

And yet there’s a benefit to being ignored. To be left alone, at least for practical purposes, someday may exact a price, but the rest of the time it liberates a free People to live our life, our way.

I guess it depends on what you want. As for me and mine, we’re good right here.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB