North-central Arkansas got steady rain last night, all night, some of it heavy. Ernie has a moat and the yard is a swamp. It reminds us of the weather we had when we first arrived in this part of the country two years ago, less than two weeks after we hit the road.

Our reaction to this liquid sunshine is different now than it was then. As resident Ozarkansans, we welcome whatever postpones or mitigates drought. Specific to our current situation, and after yesterday’s work on The Mountain, any rain that falls percolates down through the new gravel and softens what’s underneath. When we drive over (and over) the site, we’ll further compact the surface layer into the base.

Honestly, it’s hard to not love the rain today. Minor inconvenience aside, it brings cooler temperatures (as much as 15°F lower than yesterday’s high) and softens our mood. There’s nothing depressing about it.

You know that we’re in love with The Ozarkansas Sky. We can’t get enough of it — on The Mountain, at the campground, on the road. That 24-mile stretch of US 62 between Bellefonte and Yellville, coming or going, offers the best views.

Here’s a handful of images from Tuesday’s drive back to Harrison. Deb captured four of the five. (You can probably guess which one I took.)

Pro tip: Look up. Wherever you are, appreciate your own patch of sky.

The once-great city of New York is discovering the cost of signaling its “woke” virtue. The price tag is $4.2 billion over the next two fiscal years, based on $364 of taxpayer money it spends to house and feed a “household” of illegal immigrants — or $5 million each and every day.

Sanctuary that, bitches.

Let’s put the numbers in perspective. If you or I spent $364 a day on food and shelter, that alone would require a household income five times the poverty rate. It’s three times the median household income of my neighbors and me in Marion County, Arkansas.

NYC has commandeered more than 120 hotels, including some really posh ones, to house illegals. This week it said it’ll be erecting tent cities in Central Park, as well as closing off streets so it can bring in shipping containers and “tiny homes.”

I dunno ’bout you, but I wouldn’t continue paying taxes to a government that does that. Then again, I probably do — every time I hand my money to the IRS.

In just a few hours, Title 42 will expire. The river of illegals will become a tidal wave. The siege will become a rout. Because that’s what the current regime has planned all along, it’ll be allowed to happen — and accelerate, and grow, and continue.

This is the greatest threat to national sovereignty and our way of life since the Founding. The blame rests squarely on Democrats and other anti-American progressives. It will do irreparable damage and will affect every American.

It already has.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

#LetsGoBrandon #FJB