Today? Yup.

Again, I’ll open this post with the payoff — after a couple of head fakes, now we have our RV pad on The Mountain. Deb and I got out of the gate pretty early this morning, as we have the last couple of trips, arriving at the base of the road right behind our contractor.

He was running late, but since we wanted to supervise the work, the timing was perfect..

He rolled his skid-steer off the gooseneck trailer and began attacking the piles of gravel — scoop, scatter, drag and track the aggregate into the surface. We’re fascinated with work like this, rough but graceful, deliberate but always quicker that we expect.

Within two hours, he was done. Two 20-ton loads of gravel had vanished. In their place was a solid, level parking spot for our fifth-wheel, and a refreshed driveway, and a gravel pad under our new picnic table, and a transition ramp for the electric utility’s trucks.

Our little piece of Ozarkansas looks less like a construction site and more like a homesite. It got done before noon, and for half of what we’d budgeted.

Afterward we spent a little time at Deb’s cousin’s place, let the dogs play a bit, returned to the homesite to put out bird feeders, and then drove back to Harrison.

This seems like another good time to close with a gallery. Great day.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

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