So close, and yet…

Let’s cut to the chase here — we’re still fridgeless. We arrived at the installing shop well ahead of our noon deadline and actually laid eyes on our new refrigerator, still in its factory shrinkwrap, sitting on a pallet in the service department. The shop was short a tech today, however, so now the work is supposed to happen tomorrow.

We’ll be there with bells on.

Not every disappointment is cause for anger. This is a shrug-and-wait affair. Pounding the table would accomplish nothing. We’re simply rolling with it.

I will point out that we busted our asses to get there — after yesterday’s 500-mile push we had only a hundred miles to cover this morning, but we did so in non-stop torrential thunderstorms, heavy traffic and construction. It was as challenging as any driving I’ve ever done.

Before leaving the RV shop empty-handed, we Googled and called around for a place to land tonight. Deb’s third call struck paydirt, an affordable commercial campground 15 miles away. It’s set back from a state highway on the rolling green prairie, and the accommodations themselves are adequate.

Those heavy rains made the grounds pretty muddy, though, and it’s hard to ignore evidence in the air that somewhere nearby a sewer connection backed up.

Sitting outside Ernie this evening is out of the question. We’re glad we’re here just one night.

Exhaustion has set in. Tired and gritty, once we were set up we pulled the shades, took showers, did laundry and got some well-earned rest.

Still, we’re doing fine. Scout and DipStick are a joy to have along. Ernie, with almost 3,000 miles behind him under our care, has performed well. We’re buoyed by memories of time spent with friends along the way.

I say again — despite the hiccups, we love the American Life we’ve chosen.

Take care of yourselves, Patriots. Stay calm. Stay sharp. Stay free.

#WiseUp #LibertyOrDeath

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